Is Stucco Italiano Tadelakt “Real” Tadelakt?

I decided to go straight to the source and speak with someone who has used Moroccan Tadelakt many times in the past in order to see what other applicators thought of our material.  This man is a true professional and even trained in Morocco on it’s use.  He did a large steam room with Stucco Italiano Tadelakt and could not stop raving about how much he loved it.  It is a truly wonderful material.House+Earth Tadelakt Shower

This reminded me that I get asked fairly often if our Tadelakt is the “real” Tadelakt.  When people ask this they are usually asking if it comes from Morocco.  Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is manufactured in Italy.

In our humble opinion, ours is an improved version of the Moroccan material.  This is what our applicators are telling us as well.  Stucco Italiano Tadelakt looks the same as Moroccan Tadelakt and it has the same chemistry behind it.  But due to the Italian refinement in the manufacturing process it is easier to polish and less likely to peel off when it is being polished.  On flat surfaces it can be brought up to the highest sheen with only a trowel – a stone is not necessary.  So it looks better more consistently and requires less labor.  Anything wrong with that?

Here’s the official statement from our website:

Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is manufactured in Italy by Giovanni Polistena.  Giovanni’s intentions in developing this Moroccan-style material were to remain entirely faithful to the look, feel, and chemical makeup of the original Moroccan Tadelakt, while creating a more sophisticated, user-friendly product. Enlisting the help and guidance of Moroccan Tadelakt installers, Giovanni spent many months formulating the perfect blend of natural limes, clays, and sands.

Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is now preferred by many installers of  Moroccan Tadelakt for it’s beauty, ease of installation, and ability to resist delaminating/detaching from the surface as Moroccan Tadelakt often does in the hands of anyone but the most expert installers.  The results speak for themselves – Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is the equal to Moroccan Tadelakt in it’s look and durability, and superior in ease of application, price, and availability.

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2 Responses to Is Stucco Italiano Tadelakt “Real” Tadelakt?

  1. Eve Gray says:

    Aaron, I just had to comment on the differences between Stucco Italiano Tadelakt and “real” Tadelakt. I also trained in Morocco using traditional Tadelakt and have used your product in a 2,000 s.f. restaurant installation in Atlanta in Feb, 2011.
    Using your product was far and away easier than the traditional product. Mixing color was easier, I suspect it was due to the finer composition of base materials. Your product also applied like sour cream and bringing a polish to it was effortless. I loved working with it and hope to again in the future. All your products are “spot on” for an installer….meaning the results are achieved consistently and reliably. Thanks for all the support you provide as well. It is comforting to know that if there are questions, an installer can have answers from an experienced supplier in minutes and not days. I wish SI hearty success!

  2. Aaron Cohen says:

    Hi Eve,

    Great to hear about your positive experience with Stucco Italiano Tadelakt. Would love to see some photos of the restaurant project you described!

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