How to: Rinfresca

bar-aarhus-theatre1.jpgTheoretical yield:
Metric: Approximately 30 – 50 grams per square meter, i.e. 15-25 square meters per .75 liter container.U.S.: Approximately 0.10 – 0.16 oz per square foot, i.e. 175 – 250 square feet per .75 liter container.

Why apply Rinfresca:
It is recommended that you use this detergent instead of plain water to clean Marmorino Carrara or Marmorino Classic. Using water alone can irreparably damage the finish by combining with the dirt. This can leave an impregnable, dark liquid stain that may be permanent.

How to use Rinfresca:
-Remove the dust from the surface if it’s too dirty or dusty.
-Spread RINFRESCA with a sponge or a cloth and rub a small section of the surface with circular movements.
-When the surface is still wet, remove the product with a clean damp cloth.
-Usually one application is sufficient.