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Distressed Tadelakt from Class

Distressed Tadelakt from Class

I like this Distressed Tadelakt sample we just did in our last class.

I wouldn’t use this in a Tadelakt shower since the open areas would probably be more difficult to clean, but as a wall finish I think it works nicely. The olive oil soap gives this Tadelakt technique a nice soft feel on the smooth areas.

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Is Stucco Italiano Tadelakt “Real” Tadelakt?

Is Stucco Italiano Tadelakt "Real" Tadelakt?

I decided to go straight to the source and speak with someone who has used Moroccan Tadelakt many times in the past in order to see what other applicators thought of our material.  This man is a true professional and even trained in Morocco on it’s use.  He did a large steam room with Stucco Italiano Tadelakt and could not stop raving about how much he loved it.  It is a truly wonderful material.

This reminded me that I get asked fairly often if our Tadelakt is the “real” Tadelakt.  When people ask this they are usually asking if it comes from Morocco.  Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is manufactured in Italy.

In our humble opinion, ours is an improved version of the Moroccan material.  This is what our applicators are telling us as well.  Stucco Italiano Tadelakt looks the same as Moroccan Tadelakt and it has the same chemistry behind it.  But due to the Italian refinement in the manufacturing process it is easier to polish and less likely to peel off when it is being polished.  On flat surfaces it can be brought up to the highest sheen with only a trowel – a stone is not necessary.  So it looks better more consistently and requires less labor.  Anything wrong with that?

Here’s the official statement from our website:

Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is manufactured in Italy by Giovanni Polistena.  Giovanni’s intentions in developing this Moroccan-style material were to remain entirely faithful to the look, feel, and chemical makeup of the original Moroccan Tadelakt, while creating a more sophisticated, user-friendly product. Enlisting the help and guidance of Moroccan Tadelakt installers, Giovanni spent many months formulating the perfect blend of natural limes, clays, and sands.

Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is now preferred by many installers of  Moroccan Tadelakt for it’s beauty, ease of installation, and ability to resist delaminating/detaching from the surface as Moroccan Tadelakt often does in the hands of anyone but the most expert installers.  The results speak for themselves – Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is the equal to Moroccan Tadelakt in it’s look and durability, and superior in ease of application, price, and availability.

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Italian artisan plastering large surface

Italian artisan plastering large surface

Here is Giovanni Polistena, Italian founder of Stucco Italiano, plastering a large surface with Marmorino Classic. He pays special attention to color mixing, trowel angle, and how to handle corners.

The shiny marble-like finish is similar to the wall Gianni plastered in our studio when he was here teaching a class.

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In the Studio: Samples!

In the Studio: Samples!

As a plaster artisan, I enjoy the process of sample-making. On the job, we reach to catch that wet edge, pause for a brief moment to hydrate, back to the wall until the last stroke fades. A victory dance happens and we start to eye the next project. Monday morning’s coffee cup follows you to the studio as the door creaks open. Enjoy the quiet paces of your work.

2012 is kicking off with an echoed bang at Stucco Italiano as we just finished our new sample kits! Current global color trends and nature herself have inspired this collection. Upon opening the kit, you might find an earthy, brown matte Intonachino finish paired with a shiny, polished watery blue Marmorino Classic.  Your senses will definitely take a joy ride through all the different sheens and textures that lime plasters can offer!  Also included is my favorite so far…Tadelakt in a vivid leafy green. This timeless, earthy and smooth material has been used in Moroccan steam baths for centuries so it goes great in wet areas too!

The best part about making the kits was seeing the boards transform from canvases to cups of coffee and music guided us through. Each material demands certain techniques and sings to a different tune. We sure had a lot of boards to get through yet it was exciting to watch each step build to the next one. It’s been a lot of fun collaborating with Aaron and Kay Lynn on designing it. So alas, I am honored to share our latest kit with you!

Trowel On!…

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One-Day Tadelakt Workshop

Due to popular demand we’ve added a basic one-day Tadelakt workshop to our class roster.  Here’s some of the info for the class:

Our One-Day Tadelakt Workshop will introduce you to the basics for applying our Italian manufactured Moroccan-style Tadelakt product.

You will also learn about substrates and sealing Tadelakt, how to apply in showers and wet areas, and how to create high polished Tadelakt.

The One-Day Tadelakt Workshop is held on Day 2 as part of our 3-Day Stucco Italiano Certification Course. The Tadelakt class may be taken as part of the Certification Course for $795, or it can be taken separately for $300.

UPCOMING CLASS DATES: ¨     Tuesday, September 20 ¨     Tuesday, December 6

Please call the studio for more information or to hold your spot in class!  Or you may sign up on line here.

Hope to see se you in class!…

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