Stucco Italiano Owner/Instructor Aaron Cohen has been working with decorative plaster and paint for over 25 years, and is widely recognized as one of the leading artisans in this field.

He has extensive on-the-job experience, which he will generously share with you. He has worked on luxury residences, restaurants, hotels, and other retail and commercial establishments, and his work has been featured on the set of MTV’s Real World, the Seattle Today television program, and a number of publications, including Metropolitan Home. Aaron has professionally trained many hundreds of artists, painters and plasterers in decorative wall finishing since 1994.

His focus on real-life job situations takes the student beyond the sample board and into the successful completion of the most challenging projects. Aaron’s teaching philosophy is to continue to support and promote his students so they can translate their new skills into increased business and profits, and keep working towards their success long after the class is over.