Marmorino Coarse

Marmorino Coarse is based on the original materials used in historical villas throughout the Veneto region.  This Marmorino has a slightly larger grain than Carrara and will finish to a lower sheen.  Naturally self-healing and resistant to cracking, this is also an excellent choice for creating pitted Marmorino finishes.

This beautiful, earth-friendly material is manufactured near Venice, in one of the most historical and architecturally significant regions in all of Italy. Renowned for its stunning uses in villas throughout this region, Marmorino Coarse has the potential to transform your surfaces into works of art.

With the experience and guidance of a trained professional, Venetian plasters can elevate the appearance of any setting by recapturing the timeless work of artisans from generations past. Superior functionality and aesthetically pleasing results make this stucco a phenomenal selection for a wide variety of projects, spaces and surfaces. Choosing to use Stucco Italiano’s authentic lime based Marmorino Coarse will also get you our continued support through all phases of your project.

Venetian plaster finishes with Marmorino Coarse

Composition: slaked lime, marble powder in grains and additives.

Theoretical Yield per 24 KG: 125-175 sq. feet for 2.5 coats.

Tinting Information

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