Intonachino is uniformly rough with slight variations in color intensity typical of lime-based products.  It is intended for either interior or exterior surfaces.  It is highly breathable, naturally mildew resistant, and has excellent drying capacity.

What makes Intonachino so perfect for interior or exterior projects is its durability and functionality. This natural lime based stucco is crack-resistant and self-healing, so it stands up well in adverse conditions. Its ability to remain incredibly breathable leads to it being able to dry out very quickly. As an environmentally friendly Venetian plaster, Intonachino resists mold and other bacteria thanks to a high pH level.

The selection of this lime plaster will bring a distinct style and undoubtedly historical beauty to any surface. Choosing to use authentic Stucco Italiano Intonachino guarantees our continued support through the design, installation and maintenance phases of your project.

Interior and Exterior Intonachino finishes

Composition: slaked lime (35%), marble dust aggregate with variable particle size, water and additives.  Theoretical Yield per 24 KG: X-fine: 125-175, Fine: 100-150, Medium: 75-125, and Coarse: 50-100 sq. feet for 2.5 coats.

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