Marmorino Carrara

Marmorino Carrara is one of the finest plasters common in Venice during its “splendour” years. It has a very smooth surface like that of marble from which it derives its name; “marmo” is italian for marble.  Marmorino Carrara is a natural material made of lime and ground marble.  The finish creates a single, soft color with subtle shadings.

This time-tested plaster is crack-resistant and even self-healing. The natural green properties of Marmorino Carrara make it very breathable and naturally resistant to mold. If it ever gets wet, this stucco dries out extremely quickly and is always extremely durable, making it less prone to shrinking or warping.

Applied as a two or three coat veneer system, this Venetian plaster is an ideal interior finish. Naturally high in pH, Marmorino Carrara acts as an anit-bacterial surface, which neutralizes the development of unwanted and harmful substances so that you are left with optimal air quality and walls rich in artistic and architectural history.

natural lime based Marmorino Carrara stucco

Composition: slaked lime, marble powder in grains and additives.

Theoretical yield for 24 KG: 150-200 sq. feet for 2.5 coats.

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