Marmorino Classic

Marmorino Classic’s surface is glossy and shiny and of great depth.  The finish maintains a very smooth texture.  The movement between color values is gradual and reflects the light in very complex ways.  Hardness and resistance are characteristic to Marmorino Classic, even in moist environments.

Manufactured in Italy near Venice, Marmorino Classic is rich in Venetian artisanship and architectural heritage. Made of lime and ground marble, this finish has a single soft color incorporated with small shadings. It is common to use in bathrooms or other places as an alternative to ceramic and marble. Known for hardness and resistant properties, even in moist environments, Marmorino Classic is highly appreciated for its aesthetic effect, unique when properly lighted.

The non-toxic, green properties of Marmorino Classic make it an ideal interior finish. This lime plaster is naturally high in pH and acts as an antibacterial surface. With quick-drying properties, high breathability, impressive durability, and beautiful finishes, it is difficult to go wrong with Marmorino Classic.

Marmorino Classic with a glossy finish

Composition: slaked lime, very smooth marble powder and special additives.

Theoretical yield per 24 KG: 250-320 sq. feet for 2.5 coats.

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