Marmorino Velvet

Marmorino Velvet is one of the most elegant lime-based wall finishes rendering the widest variety of aesthetic posibilities.  Its slightly rough, opaque, flat finsih is velvety to the touch, achieved because of the high quantity of cellulose micro-fibers it contains.  This makes it very durable and elastic, and therefore, less likely to crack if the underlying substrate cracks.

Along with its durability, Marmorino Velvet is naturally high in pH, so it is resistant to mold and other unwanted bacteria. The excellent absorption, breathability and diffusion characteristics make this lime-based material optimal for improving indoor air quality. This time-tested, environmentally friendly option gives you the option to empower your surfaces with a beautiful finish that is also good for you and Mother Nature.

Choosing Stucco Italiano’s Marmorino Velvet will ensure that you have our quality support throughout the duration of your project. From design, to installation, to maintenance, we will be there to guide your process through every phase.

Authentic Venetian plaster finishes with Marmorino Velvet

Composition: slaked lime, marble powder, silica, cellulose fibers, and additives.

Theoretical Yield per 24 KG: 150-175 sq feet for 2.5 coats.

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