Stucco Italiano Sample Kits

sisamplekitsThese Sample kits are a great way to get started using Stucco Italiano natural lime plasters.  We provide you with enough material to do one, two, or even 3 sample boards (depending on thickness of material) to practice, show a client, or whatever you need to create the finish you desire.

Choose from off-whites, earth tones, or untinted sets.  Each set comes with application instructions, a Stucco Italiano material binder, 5×5 finished samples of each plaster material you receive, and a Stucco Italiano color catalogue.  We suggest working over ¼  – ½ inch masonite sample boards.  We also have pre-primed sample boards available for purchase here.

Stucco Italiano Sample Tile Sets:

15 different 5×5 inch sample tiles

Tile SamplesSeeing is believing, and so is touching. These sample sets are a great tool for introducing your clients to some of the multitude of beautiful finishes that can be achieved using Stucco Italiano materials. Sample sets will include at least one sample of each of the following finishes: Smooth Marmorino Classic, Smooth Marmorino Carrara, distressed Marmorino Carrara, Tadelakt, Intonachino Coarse, Intonachino Medium, Intonachino Fine.

***Photo is an example of colors and finishes included. Your sample kit may have different colors since we are always working with new colors and finishes.

Stucco Italiano silver sample kit:

500 gram Marmorino Carrara
500 gram Marmorino Classic
500 gram Intonachino Fine
100 gram Cera natural wax


Stucco Italiano gold sample kit:

Everything in Silver sample kit, plus:

500 gram Lime Paint
500 gram Intonachino Medium
500 gram Tadelakt (powder)
50 gram Moroccan olive oil soap for Tadelakt


Stucco Italiano platinum sample kit:

Everything in Gold sample, plus:

3M Small Stainless Steel Trapezoidal Finishing Trowel
50 gram salt and pepper sand additive
50 gram mother of pearl additive
500 gram Intonachino Coarse


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