Darrell Morrison and Intonachino

Darrell Morrison and Intonachino

Darrell Morrison of Decorative Painting and Plastering Concepts recently wrapped up a project in Surrey, British Columbia. The authentic Venetian plaster Intonachino Fine was chosen to cloak the exterior of this Canadian villa.  It is highly breathable material that is naturally mildew resistant, and has excellent drying capacity. Check out some pictures of Darrell’s work and notice the way he uses Intonachino to create an undoubtedly historic beauty.

While Intonachino is certainly a great interior finish, what makes it so perfect for exteriors is its durability and functionality. As a natural, lime-based stucco, it is crack-resistant and self-healing, which means it will stand up well when situated in adverse conditions. This environmentally friendly Venetian plaster has a high pH level, so it can resist mold and other bacteria. The breathable properties of Intonachino allow it to dry itself out quickly.


Decorative Painting and Plastering Concepts is a Canadian company that calls Vancouver, British Columbia home. Darrell is a Master Finisher who provides homeowners and businesses with authentic lime-based Venetian plaster finishes that utilize creativity and a unique style to achieve a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Beginning as an apprentice back in 2000, Darrell now leads a team of experts who pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time. Communication, quality and relationships are what drive his business and no job is complete until both Darrell and the client are both 100% happy with the result.

Anyone interested in the stunning works created by Decorative Painting and Plastering Concepts is encouraged to check out what they have happening online. Just head over to their website, www.darrellmorrison.com, and see more of their projects, read the testimonials and explore the different galleries featuring some amazing finishes like the one Darrell created with Intonachino Fine in Surrey, BC.



If you would like to get featured on our site, get in touch with us, send some pictures our way and tell us about your own Venetian plaster projects.…

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Venetian Plastering Tip: Scale & Composition of Distressed Finishes

So you created a beautiful distressed finish sample board.  Your client loves it.  But a sample board is not a wall, not even close.  What should you consider when transitioning to larger surfaces?

Here’s some advice on how to take your distressed finishes from the sample board to the wall:

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Mold resistance: why lime for exteriors and interiors?

Mold resistance: why lime for exteriors and interiors?

Intonachino has proven to be one of our most popular finishes for exteriors. Its naturally mold-resistant nature makes it perfect for the outdoors, even up here in the rainy northwest.

A while ago, I briefly mentioned a project Tom Williams is working on in Ballard using Intonachino Extra Fine and Medium. It’s worth taking another look. Click on the picture below to see more photos.

Of course, mold-resistance is great for optimal indoor air health as well, so intonachino and other lime plasters are also ideal for interiors. Quoting from an excellent article on lime plaster’s natural mold resistance; “the short answer as to why Venetian plaster is truly mold-resistant is that mold can only grow in an acidic and wet or damp environment. Venetian plasters breathe and do not retain moisture. Molds also require a food source and an acidic environment in which to multiply.”

For both health- and earth-conscious reasons, Venetian style Italian lime plasters are the way to go……

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