Why you should care about indoor air quality

A Prime Candidate Inside or Out

Wondering why we stress Venetian plaster’s green qualities (non-VOC, naturally mold-resistant)?

People are becoming more and more concerned about indoor air quality. Homes plagued with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or mold can negatively impact the health of the occupants. According to Green By Design, “an estimated 15% of the U.S. population — millions of people — are chronically ill from their homes, and indoor air quality is a major factor.”

The long and short term health benefits of using green building materials to achieve clean indoor air are numerous. It doesn’t make sense to let your home be the reason you are sick. Do something about it and utilize breathable, mold resistant plaster to enhance your quality of life. Natural lime materials dry out quickly and prevent VOCs from building up, which helps with all kinds of respiratory conditions. Authentic Venetian plaster is even self-healing, so it continues to stand the test of time while continuously providing your home with premium indoor air quality.

If you are using authentic Venetian plaster, or have thought about using it, you might want to check out some info on indoor air quality around the web:

  • Build It Green explains that “A common source of indoor air pollution is the offgassing of chemicals found in many building materials…”

There is no denying the benefits of using natural lime materials to improve indoor air quality. Have you noticed a difference between working with non-toxic Venetian plasters versus acrylic finishes? Tell us about it in the comments……

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Ecofriendly Shower Surrounds

// Nice article on shower surrounds featuring our Austin distributor, House and Earth.

Green and Clean: Ecofriendly Tub and Shower Surrounds HouzzKitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and More!
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Lime vs Cement

OK maybe this is a little biased, but all and all I found it to be a pretty decent synopses of the differences between lime and cement especially regarding plaster and mortars:


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Aaron and Stucco Italiano Venetian plaster featured on Fauxology blog

Aaron and Stucco Italiano Venetian plaster featured on Fauxology blog

The lovely and talented Regina Garay of Garay Artisans posted a nice feature on Stucco Italiano including an interview with Aaron. He discusses what first sparked his interest in Venetian plaster as well as some of the more popular lime-based products.

Regina is quite prolific and her blog, Fauxology, is always a great read.  One of the most articulate and balanced resources we know of.  Definitely subscribe if you’re in the biz. Check her out on twitter too.

Thanks Regina for all you hard work!

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Featured Venetian Plasterer: Jenn Williamson

Featured Venetian Plasterer: Jenn Williamson

Jenn Williamson is a Stucco Italiano Certified Installer up in the Vancouver, BC area, and a very talented finisher with many years of experience in all phases of decorative plastering, painting, and design.   She sent us some pics of her recent projects.  We’re impressed. Jenn (AKA Ispirato Design) uses a variety of finishes, making the most of the unique qualities of each material. Truly beautiful work. See for yourself…

Jenn used Marmorino Carrara on these pillars…

And these are from her Intonachino project a few months ago…

And last but not least, and exquisite application of Marmorino Classic

Like what you see? Contact Jenn.

Are you a Stucco Italiano installer that would like to be featured here?  Contact Andrew and send some photos.…

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