In the Studio: Samples!

As a plaster artisan, I enjoy the process of sample-making. On the job, we reach to catch that wet edge, pause for a brief moment to hydrate, back to the wall until the last stroke fades. A victory dance happens and we start to eye the next project. Monday morning’s coffee cup follows you to the studio as the door creaks open. Enjoy the quiet paces of your work.

2012 is kicking off with an echoed bang at Stucco Italiano as we just finished our new sample kits! Current global color trends and nature herself have inspired this collection. Upon opening the kit, you might find an earthy, brown matte Intonachino finish paired with a shiny, polished watery blue Marmorino Classic.  Your senses will definitely take a joy ride through all the different sheens and textures that lime plasters can offer!  Also included is my favorite so far…Tadelakt in a vivid leafy green. This timeless, earthy and smooth material has been used in Moroccan steam baths for centuries so it goes great in wet areas too!

The best part about making the kits was seeing the boards transform from canvases to cups of coffee and music guided us through. Each material demands certain techniques and sings to a different tune. We sure had a lot of boards to get through yet it was exciting to watch each step build to the next one. It’s been a lot of fun collaborating with Aaron and Kay Lynn on designing it. So alas, I am honored to share our latest kit with you!

Trowel On!

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