Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BC is a beautiful place.  It’s the largest town nestled in the Okanagan Valley, home to dozens of wineries.  The locals are calling it “Napa of the North” or something like that.

We have a number of projects going right now up there, I’m just begging the installers for photos.  I was just there a few weeks ago and took some photos of a winery south of Kelowna that Len Trump just did using Carrara, Intonachino, and lime paint.  It came out beautifully.  Below is a preview – Len had some professional photos taken and I’ll post those in the next couple of days.

There’s Len in front of a multi-colored Marmorino Carrara wall

Good composition, Len!

That’s Intonachino Fine on the walls and Lime Paint on the ceiling

Opening soon

A very nice little spot for a winery

Best grape I ever tasted

The grocery stores all have all kinds of really delicious grapes you can’t get in Seattle.

We have a big exterior project going on north of Kelowna, they are using Intonachino Medium.  Check out this place:

I’m on the dock leaning against the yacht

Decent view

The whole interior is getting the “Stucco Italiano treatment” also.

The architect and the owner want a distressed finish, which can be difficult to pull off on an exterior because of the need to work on such a large scale “canvas”.  I played around with the stucco contractor on a couple of different approaches on some test walls.  The house is first-coated with Intonachino in most areas, but the final finish will be done next spring.

Look good when you dry, please!

Still drying

I’ll head up there when they get started on the last coat.  I like sitting in a directors chair and yelling out instructions.  But seriously you often need someone to be far enough away during application to see the composition from the bigger perspective.

Distressing exteriors is a whole thing unto itself.  It can go horribly wrong.  And then your customer’s neighbors will make fun of them, so you must not attempt this unless you really know what you are doing, or just get me a plane ticket and the directors chair.

I’ll do a post in the not-too-distant future on aging exteriors.

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5 Responses to Kelowna, BC

  1. Sherri Gamble says:

    Great work Len! Aaron – very insightful post on distressing large scale surfaces. Usually, we treat walls as 2 dimensional surfaces, but when a whole shell is involved then you have a 3d form to contend with…and a watchful audience! Getting it not to look more organic and less patterned definitely takes a 2nd set of skillful eyes. Trowel On!

  2. Crystal Lane says:

    Beautiful! Look forward to seeing the finished product on the exterior. Miss the large scale plaster days. So much lime paint, not enough plaster for me lately. Miss it!

  3. Thanks Aaron, there are a number of talented people working on this exciting project!
    As the architect and designer for this Kelowna Project, I would also like to note
    and give credit where due, that this specific “special distressed” finish of the Stucco Italiano Intonachino was specifically created by Tara Trompetter of Trompetter and Associates for this project.

    Tara trained in Tuscany, and is an extremely talented, decorative finishes artist. Tara is also directing the application of this “special distressed” finish in conjunction with Lawrence Nanckoo of Sun Valley Plaster Ltd.
    Mr. Nanckoo of Sun Valley Plaster Ltd, Penticton, BC is the Stucco Italiano applicator / contractor whom is doing a fantastic job and not only is he a talented tradesman, but also a pleasure to work with.
    It is all these talented people, turning my envisioned finish into reality!!

  4. Aaron Cohen says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for the great comments. It’s really an honor being part of this amazing project. Tara has been instrumental and we’re looking forward to featuring her work when she gets some of the walls done inside!

    Check out architect Tim Bullinger’s company, Arca3 design studio, here –

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