Le Grande Bistro serves up Venetian plaster

There are a lot of great Venetian plaster projects in Seattle, but the Le Grande Bistro might be one of our favorites. Cathy Conner got the nod to outfit the interior with some Marmorino Classic, and the result is, well, pretty appetizing.

Le Grande Bistro Marmorino

Le Grande Bistro Marmorino

Cathy proves that there really is no end to the creativity you can achieve when using authentic Venetian plasters such as Marmorino Classic. As the founder of Studio C, Cathy has always had a love for decorative arts. Before beginning her professional work with plaster, she was established in the field of culinary arts, so it is no surprise that she found herself doing the walls of a restaurant like Le Grande Bistro. Check out her website for info on what else Cathy has been up to, or could potentially be doing next.

Le Grande Bistro Marmorino

Le Grande Bistro MarmorinoLocated in Kirkland’s Carillon Point, Le Grande Bistro’s doors are open and while you are there checking out Cathy’s beautiful work, the food should certainly be enjoyed as well. The interior isn’t the only spectacular thing to look at either. Overlooking Lake Washington, guests are able to enjoy a beautiful view while they chow down on some amazing food that has been getting rave reviews on Yelp. See what other people are saying about Le Grande Bistro here. Or you can go straight to their website to check out the menu, see what they have going on for happy hour or make a reservation. Just remember when you’re there to be sure to stop for a few moments and really take in Cathy Conner’s stunning job with Stucco Italiano’s Marmorino Classic.

Le Grande Bistro Marmorino

We always enjoy hearing about your projects and seeing pictures of your work, so if you have something interesting going on with Marmorino Classic or any other authentic Venetian plaster, let us know, because we would love to check it out.

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  1. Balraj Sivia says:

    Hi ,
    My self Balraj Sivia . Owner of SILK DINNER LOUNGE
    I am finishing right now my entire high end restaurant SILK DINNER LOUNGE in Vancouver BC with your Marmorino Carerra and Venetian plaster. I love the look how its coming up. Its turning into a amazing place like Taj Mahal :)

    Kindly regards
    Balraj Sivia

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