Tadelakt is Hot

We get lots of phone calls here at Stucco Italiano, and over the past year or so the volume of calls about Tadelakt have become greater to the point where I think at least half of our first-time inquiries are made regarding Tadelakt.  We have had dozens of successful projects completed by applicators all over the country this year alone.

We’re introducing a one-day seminar on our Tadelakt which will be held twice this year.  Class dates are September 20, 2011 and December 6th, 2011.  Hope to see you there.  Details below:

Tadelakt by Martin Mahoney, New York, NY

One day Tadelakt Workshop

This one-day class will introduce you to the basics for applying our Italian manufactured Moroccan-style Tadelakt product.

You will also learn about substrates and sealing Tadelakt, how to apply in showers and wet areas, and how to create high polished Tadelakt.

Our one-day Tadelakt workshop is held on day 2 as part of our 3-day Stucco Italiano Certification class.  The Tadelakt class may be taken as part of our certification course for $795, or it can be taken separately for $300.  Class dates September 20 and December 6th. Call 206.838.5888 for more info.

Tadelakt by Martin Mahoney, New York, NY

About our Tadelakt:

Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is manufactured in Italy by Goivanni Polistena.  Giovanni’s intentions in developing this Moroccan-style Tadelakt were to remain entirely faithful to the look, feel, and chemical makeup of the original Morroccan Tadelakt, while creating a more sophisticated, user-friendly product.  Enlisting the help and guidance of Moroccan Tadelakt installers, Giovanni spent many months formulating the perfect blend of natural limes, clays, and sands.  Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is now preferred by many installers of  Moroccan Tadelakt for it’s beauty, ease of installation, and to resist delaminating/detaching from the surface as Moroccan Tadelakt often does in the hands of anyone but the most expert installers.

The results speak for themselves – Stucco Italiano Tadelakt is the equal to Moroccan Tadelakt in it’s look and durability, and superior for ease of application, price, and availability.


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  1. IK Njemanze says:

    your products are good. you in Nigeria, pls do let me know.

  2. George says:

    I think interior plastering is not used enough in today’s more modern houses. It is so beautiful and can be customized in so many ways, love the pics.

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