Never too Young to Plaster

Rebekah might only be 8 years old, but she has definitely got what it takes to plaster the scratch coat of Intonachino Medium. This video should wipe away any doubts that people have about being able to learn how to apply Stucco Italiano’s Authentic Venetian Plaster.

Time Lapse Movie of me Applying Stucco Italiano Marmorino Plaster

The following videos walk you through the process for applying Stucco Italiano’s Marmorino Carrara and Marmorino Classic Venetian plaster. Along the way you will learn a bit about the history of our lime-based finishes as well as the proper techniques to use when working with the material.

While these clips are an excellent starting point, remember that we offer workshops to help you become a master of the craft.

SI Application Video #1

This video covers the origin and creation of Marmorino stucco, a review of the tools necessary for application, how to prepare your worksite, priming your surface, application of the first coat, and application of the second coat.

SI Application Video #2

This segment covers the application of the second coat of Marmorino, application of the final coat, and polishing. Then the video begins demonstrating how to apply the first coat of Marmorino Carrara, mixing your color into the material, and application of the second coat of Marmorino Carrara.

SI Application Video #3

This video showcases the completion of the second layer of Marmorino Carrara, as well as a demonstration of the final layer and polishing of the same material. Then, it moves on to discuss the application of natural beeswax, natural marseille soap and paraffin wax for protective and waterproofing purposes.

SI Application Video #4

This segment completes the demo for applying paraffin wax for waterproofing and protective purposes. It then goes on to explain the process of working with Marmorino Classic as a team, and then taking proper measures to protect it. Finally, it shows a larger scale job done on a different substrate.

SI Application Video #5

This final installment wraps up the large Marmorino Classic job. We hope you enjoyed these videos. Please feel free to contact Stucco Italiano with any questions or comments.