Stucco Italiano Certification Course

Stucco Italiano’s certification program comes in the form of a 3-day authentic Venetian plaster course. This in-depth class gives you a hands on experience with different materials, techniques and tools.


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Next available dates for this workshop –

Venetian plaster application

February 29th – March 2nd, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)ONE SPOT LEFT
April 18th – 20th, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)
June 6th – 8th, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)




Venetian Plaster Course

The economy is kind of tough for all of us small business people, and we’d like to help. So, we are offering our acclaimed Stucco Italiano 3-day Certification Program with a $500 credit towards tools and materials.

You just pay the $795 up front, (already a pretty reasonable price for our class), and we will give you $500 right back in credit for any combination of materials and tools as soon as you complete the class. This should give you the resources to complete a project and earn way more than your initial investment immediately.


Venetian plaster class

That’s all you pay.  $795.  All materials and tools, as well as the 15 plus sample/portfolio boards you will complete, are included.  So is breakfast and lunch!  So just scrape the $795 together, get yourself here, and you’ll be good to go. Take your career to the next level by becoming a certified Stucco Italiano Installer at our Seattle studio.

Venetian plaster courseAbout the authentic Venetian plaster course:

Students will learn the qualities and correct methods of application of each Venetian plaster as they develop their own style while working hands-on with Stucco Italiano’s

Venetian Plastering SI Certification Class

This pro plastering class is perfect for working decorative painting contractors, or anyone who wants to learn superior application methods and tips for incorporating these beautiful, top-selling natural Italian plaster finishes into their repertoire. When you take out class you get:

A credit of $500 for materials and tools redeemable for up to one year after completing our class

A full set of unique finished sample boards for your portfolio that you create during class to use as a valuable tool for expanding your business

A set of Stucco Italiano marketing materials to show your clients 

Achieve Stucco Italiano Certified Installer Status and be the first to know about new products and events, network with others in your field and receive continued support for all your future projects, because as anyone who has ever gotten stuck in the middle of a job knows, this is priceless

• And perhaps the best part, breakfast and lunch are included all 3 days


Venetian plaster classYou may be wondering what’s in it for us. Here’s a little secret: we really do enjoy spending time with you in our Venetian plaster course, but that’s not really how we make our money. What we want is to have as many qualified applicators out there as possible, because we are so confident once you have worked with the legendary Stucco Italiano materials – a product line created by master applicator Giovanni Polistena for his fellow applicators – that we will have your continued business for many years to come. So we need you to be the best out there! It’s a win-win proposition!

Don’t believe us? Check out what others had to say about the class.

Ready to become a part of the Stucco Italiano community? Act fast– we are only accepting 8 students per class to ensure the personal attention you need for Stucco Italiano Venetian plaster mastery.


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Upcoming Class Dates for Stucco Italiano Certification Course:

February 29th – March 2nd, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)ONE SPOT LEFT

April 18th – 20th, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)

June 6th – 8th, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)


Stucco Ducko says: Contact us here at the studio for more information about this Venetian plaster course: 206.838.5888